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Thursday, June 21, 2007


I'm an unashamed Pixar fan of the first degree. When planning our vacation in 2006, which included time in the Bay Area, I was heartbroken to learn that there are no public tours offered at Pixar HQ. I have a collection of Pixar toys on my desk at work. I have a stuffed Sulley (that's the big, blue one from Monsters, Inc. for you movie snobs, which is about everyone reading this) on my bed and another one on the night table.

I (HEART) Pixar.

Yet, 'round about this time last summer I was disappointed to see that the next film would be about cooking ... would be set in Paris ... and would have a rat as the protagonist. I had no interest in seeing the film whatsoever. And then I saw the second version of the trailer about a month ago, and this prodigal Pixar son has come home.

The movie is out next weekend and I am completely geeked to see it. Here are some reviews to whet your appetite, and maybe ... maybe ... even get Tassoula and Michael into a theater to see this one. In fact, what would be cool is for his and her royal highnesses to go see this and then have me on the call, too, when they go over it. Nahhh, they'll never agree to that. :)

Variety video review and written review - loves it!

Ain't It Cool - "The first great summer film has arrived."

Entertainment Weekly Grade: B

Kottke's review - 4.5 out of 5


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