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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Michael is Live at the San Jose Cinequest Film Festival

Hey guys--

They have a pretty cool lounge here, with about ten sweet laptops available, so I'll try to post about what I'm seeing from time to time.

Saturday: It's a little bit later now. You know how you assume that people at festivals are a bit more cinema-savvy? I'm sitting in the lounge (not as cool as it sounds) and there's some loudmouth 50ish guy who is spewing all kinds of bullshit. He's not trying to get attention, he's just talking. Here's what he's said that's bad so far: "You know that Bruce Willis movie where they said every name in the book? Boy Scouts?" Of course, it was THE LAST BOY SCOUT. He then said "I just saw the film THE TRAP, where ...." and then proceeded to tell everyone within earshot the very last scene. What a dickhead. I'm out. Talk to you later.

Sunday: Last night, I sat next to a couple on a date whereby the girl sat on the guy's lap for the whole 90 minute running time. Imagine. The guy had to spread out a bit more than usual so I twisted to the right, she would ask if he could see in a voice that wasn't a whisper, they shared sliced apples and water at one point, and they talked like they were on their own couch. And the worst part. I was the third person in the theater because I'm so psycho about how and where I sit. What are the chances. The couple on the other side of my friend and I decided to make out when the characters on film made out so I heard smooching in surround sound. Here's what I've learned: I simply cannot go to a public exhibition of filmed entertainment after 7 p.m. on Fridays or Saturdays. That's it. Even surrounded by film festival people. Woe is me.


Got a late start at the festival. BTW, the link for the fest is here. Opening night was Wednesday, I started on Friday evening. So far, here's my order:

1) The Trap (Klopka) from Serbia--Man must raise $30,000 quickly for an operation for his son.
2) The Silence Before Bach from Spain.
3) D Tour: A Tenacious Documentary
4) This Dust Of Words
5) Young People Fu***** from Canada.
6) Three Priests
7) Unfinished Girl from China.
8) China: A Will To Rise

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