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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

MY WINNIPEG Out; Two Other Films In

Dear Listeners,

Michael and I announced in the TELL NO ONE episode that we would be seeing MY WINNIPEG for show #57, but unfortunately, it isn't playing in Seattle (and wasn't playing in LA when I was there last week) we've decided to do a split show instead and review both THE LAST MISTRESS and PINEAPPLE EXPRESS.

Look for that episode on August 18, as scheduled.

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Blogger Chase said...

Hey guys, question for you- We recently finished up the Wire (!), and we're on pace with Mad Men, and Lost doesn't start for another 6 months-ish, so what show would you recommend that we tackle next? I'm leaning towards "Brotherhood", as my wife is from Rhode Island, but she's intrigued by "Rome". Got any other picks for DVD-available, hour-long drama shows that we can plow through?

8:23 AM  
Blogger MichaelVox said...

Hey Chase. This would be my order:

1) Battlestar Galactica. Stop wincing. It took a hundred people I respect for me to finally give the mini-series a chance. I now believe it to be better than anything else on the air. Even better than Madmen. It goes without saying that it's not better than THE WIRE. Go to Hollywood/Netflix (Blockbuster if you have to) and rent the mini-series. It's four hours I think. If you don't like it, you're all done and can forget about the rest of it. When you end up loving it, you might just have enough time to catch up before the final season starts up again next year.

2) BROTHERHOOD should be watched before ROME. Brotherhood is still on the air, it's modern and timely, it has cool stuff for both boys and girls, it stars people we recognize, and you'll be primed for its return to Showtime.

3) ROME rocks, but is really bloody (like decapitation-bloody), has pretty cool literally-old-school sex, and is off the air. That last point, plus the fact that it takes place 1500 years ago, means that you can slip it down the list if you want. It also depends on your love of the formula enjoyment = history + hotties + blood + battles + democracy.


2:54 PM  
Blogger Cinebanter said...

Hi Chase,

I would add to Michael's list Big Love (if you haven't already caught it). The acting is top-notch and it offers a little bit of everything: humor, sex, violence and quirkiness.


3:23 PM  

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