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Friday, May 22, 2009

SIFF Sighting: BABY LOVE (comedy; France)


In Vincent Garenq's BABY LOVE, dedicated pediatrician Manu (Lambert Wilson) has a strong desire to become a father, though his partner Phillipe (Pascal Elbé) agrees with the French law that dictates gay couples should not be parents. "It's unnatural," he says, though he clearly doesn't believe his love for Manu is so.

Unable to convince Phillipe that parenthood is the right choice for them, Manu breaks up with him and takes matters into his own hands by pretending to be straight for an adoption agency consultant, which backfires terribly.

Desperate, he begins searching for a woman to be his surrogate and finds one in Fina (Pilar López de Ayala), an adorable Argentinian woman who he accidentally hit with his car.

From there the film takes a few twisty turns (some predictable; others not) that carry viewers through the lives of characters who are both appealing and familiar.

Fina is especially charming with her delicate features and aura of sweetness; Manu is the man all women (and most men) would probably like to have in their lives. As a member of the audience you can't help but root for all of them, even when their goals unfortunately differ.

BABY LOVE is a tender, light-hearted glimpse into a very real problem that many gay couples face. Let's only hope that a decade from now, those problems won't exist.

BABY LOVE screened at the 35th Annual Seattle International Film Festival.


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