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Monday, June 15, 2009

SIFF Sighting: TALHOTBLOND (documentary; USA)

Montgomery in prison

Director Barbara Schroeder (known for her work as a reporter on Extra!), made this compelling documentary by telling the story of three people involved in a scandalous tangle of cybersex, mistaken identity and murder.

'Talhotblond,' the sultry girl, falls for 'marinesniper,' the handsome military man, online and begins a steamy cyberaffair, which is soon complicated by a case of mistaken identity. Also in the mix is a third participant in the chat room 'Beefcake,' the boy-next-door twentysomething who coincidentally works with 'marinesniper' in a factory.

It is difficult to say anything about the actual order of events without spoiling the story, so I'll just applaud Ms. Schroeder for making a captivating movie (though it feels more like a Dateline episode than a film) and encourage you all to see it when it comes out in the theater and/or is released on DVD. You'll be shocked you never heard about the story in the news. I know I was.

TALHOTBLOND screened at the 35th Annual Seattle International Film Festival.


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