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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wanna Join in on the Cinebanter Live Oscar Blog?

For the fifth consecutive year, Michael and Tassoula will be hosting a live blog during the Oscars®—for the second year, you're invited to join them!

Using Cover It Live, Michael and Tassoula will be able to post to their individual Twitter accounts (@michaelvox and @tassoula) and those Tweets will populate live on It will be a faster, more succinct way of posting and both hosts can comment at the same time (vs. in the past when they took turns).

The best part? If you send them your username, they'll add you to the user list and your Tweets will appear alongside theirs. You won't need to join any new websites or register anywhere. They urge those who want to participate to go this route vs. leaving comments as the show progresses—that slows the hosts down from blogging and can cause them to miss crucial parts of the broadcast.

If you want your Tweets to appear on the blog that night (February 27), please send your Twitter username to Space is limited, as there are a maximum amount of users allowed via the platform.

The blog will begin Sunday, February 27, in the afternoon, when Michael and Tassoula order their annual pizzas.

To view an archive of last year's live blog, click here.

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