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Monday, May 14, 2012

SIFF Sighting: 6 Points About Emma (Drama, Spain)

Emma (Verónica Echegui) is a beautiful girl in her twenties, dying to become a mother. To achieve this, she sleeps with various men to try to get pregnant; not always telling them this is her goal. Emma claims she wants to love someone, but fears she is incapable of it since she does not become attached to her lovers.

Also, Emma is blind.

Germán (Alex Garcia) is the therapist that leads the group sessions she attends for persons of various disabilities. There are deaf lesbians, paralyzed women hungry for intimacy and mentally retarded men. It's a colorful bunch, and Emma emerges as the most confident and comfortable with the hand in which she's been dealt.

Soon, Emma adds Germán to her list of lovers and a series of events follows that makes her question her ability not to be hurt by her partners. It's just sex anyway, right? And she's using them too, right?

The thing I loved about this film was that the story, though focused on a disabled person, really had nothing to do with their disability.

Sure, we saw how much easier it was for Emma to be taken advantage of because of her blindness, but it wasn't the reason we were watching the film—and that's refreshing.

Verónica Echegui is delicate and strong all at once and reminded me of Natalie Portman throughout. Alex Garcia makes Germán someone you want to like despite his reprehensible actions.

If you're in the mood for an unconventional love story/dramedy, you shouldn't miss this film.

6 POINTS ABOUT EMMA will screen at the 38th Annual Seattle International Film Festival next month with director Roberto Pérez Toledo in attendance. For tickets, visit the SIFF website.

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