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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

SIFF Sighting: IT'S ONLY MAKE BELIEVE (Drama; Norway)

Jenny (Silje Salomonsen) is pregnant with her daughter Merete (Iben Osten Hjelle) when she's caught in the middle of a robbery.

Forced to defend herself, she begins shooting and hits two people. Sentenced ten years for murder, her family raises Merete until she is freed.

Once she's out of prison, Jenny, like so many, has trouble acclimating back to normal life. Though all she desires is to make a solid home for her daughter, she can't help but get caught up in the lifestyle of drugs and criminal activity that she was once a part of, which puts both of them in dangerous situations.

There's nothing much that's new here, but the story does serve as a reminder of how vital it is to isolate those caught up in such a lifestyle from their former demons.

Though I tired of the melancholy music playing over scenes of longing, I did quite like the main character and her sweet, endearing daughter. I rooted for them, even though some of the dramatic conventions were a bit overdone.

IT'S ALL MAKE BELIEVE will screen at the 40th Seattle International Film Festival on June 5 and 6. For tickets, go here.


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