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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Average Matt reviews WORDPLAY

So you understand how things work at Cinebanter HQ, I wasn't invited to take part in Cinebanter #1. Maybe I missed the memo. But I do want to review this week's movie, WORDPLAY. Here you go, in only three words:

Haven't seen it.

In fact, never even heard of it. In fact, can't even imagine a movie about crossword puzzles. WTF? Would Steven Spielberg or George Lucas -- or Ron Howard! -- do a movie about crossword puzzles? Hell no.

So there ya have it. Whenever Tassoula and Michael launch into soliloquys about snobby movies, just roll your eyes and wait for the next episode with me. I'm Average Matt and I watch movies (that you've heard of).

Until next time, when maybe I'll do my CARS review.....

Average Matt


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