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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Average Matt reviews CINEBANTER #3

Having watched and listened to this thing get recorded, I feel uniquely qualified to offer this review of CINEBANTER #3. Plus, if the stars are allowed to review me, why shouldn't I return the favor? Right? Right! Power to the Average Matt fans around the world! Woot! Okay, on to my review.....

1) Tassoula hit the nail on the head about Woody Allen's performance being self-indulgent. Yes. What she said. Had I seen more films this month, I'm sure I would've come up with "self-indulgent," too.

2) Michaelvox must've been drunk when he called Scarlett Johansson "terrible," and ditto when Tassoula said Scarlett gave a "bad performance." Hogwash. This better be the first and last time I see or hear Scarlett's name in the same sentence with the T word or the B word. Yes, she probably was miscast, but, frankly, she did a pretty fair job of turning Woody's chicken sh-t script into chicken salad. Scarlett rocks (my world).

3) How on earth am I supposed to notice a Make Poverty History poster in the background of a scene that has my Scarlett in the foreground? C'mon.

4) Believe me, I became a man a loooooong time ago, if you know what I mean.

5) I still don't understand why the hosts go away for "breaks" which are really nothing more than 6-second musical interludes. Really, is that enough time for a listener to run to the toilet? or the fridge? C'mon.

6) The outtakes at the end is a nice addition, and it's about time one of my ideas made it into the podcast. Everyone raise your hand if you liked the outtakes....

7) Outtakes is actually my 2nd idea. I also came up with the idea of listing detailed run times for each podcast under the pretense that you, the faithful listener, would appreciate the chance to skip past the host's feature review in case you haven't seen the movie yet. But I really suggested it because I know most of you will want to fast-forward straight to my segments. Who's got your back? C'est moi!

Until next time, this has been Average Matt reviewing CINEBANTER #3.

- Average Matt


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