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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Time Killing for Movie Geeks

Okay, all you MGs, if you're like me, you probably find yourself in this situation all the time: You've just finished watching your 5th movie of the day (two at the theater, two on PPV, and one on DVD), and the cinematography is starting to run together just a bit and you swear you recognize the town where they filmed that romantic, Bonanza-era, man-on-horse-rescues-damsel-in-distress-with-lots-of-cleavage scene*. But, dammit, you wonder ... where was it filmed?

That happens to me all the freakin' time**. Does it happen to you? I know. Yep.

Well, strap that horse to the post and come inside. Let me introduce you to your new home page:


(They need to buy a vowel, but don't hold that against them.)

Many years ago, Average Matt and Mrs. Matt lived in a tiny town called Bishop, California. Thanks to the wonder that is movieMappr, I just learned that all-time classics such as TRUE GRIT and NEVADA SMITH were filmed in that sleepy little hamlet. Who knew??!! (movieMappr, that's who.)

So, while you're anxiously waiting for the next Cinebanter*** or the next Average Matt movie review****, go knock yourself out on movieMappr.


* Mrs. Matt refers to cleavage as "The Show." You, my faithful reader, are welcome to do likewise as long as appropriate credit is given.

** It actually never happens to me. I've never seen more than two movies in one day.

*** I have no idea when the next Cinebanter will be available.

*** I have no idea when the next Average Matt movie review will be available, but I did TiVo a PPV movie about two weeks ago. Haven't had time to watch yet. Lots going on - job change, etc. Sit tight, peeps.


Blogger Cinebanter said...

Average Matt & Loyal Listeners,

The next Cinebanter show (THE LAST KISS) will be posted on October 3rd.

We do our best to get shows out every ten you should see another on October 13, 23, etc.

12:30 PM  

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