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Friday, May 30, 2008


Take a Seattle mathematician and add an angry wife, multiply that by a beautiful mistress then divide that by a mysterious therapist and police officer. That will ultimately equal an unexpected death.

Rufus Williams' debut film BUTTERFLY DREAMING has all of the intrigue and mystery of a classic episode of Twin Peaks, as his main character Rob (Andrew Bowen) struggles to determine what his reality is in the wake of his wife's death.

Bowen's confused, yet pedantic nature in his portrayal of Rob allows us to witness what it must be like when a person with a highly functional, technical brain, begins to short circuit. What's special about this story is that you're not sure if his mental malfunctioning is due to grief or guilt.

And that leaves you struggling with the choice of who to root for.

Do you empathize with the mathematician, who was in love with his mistress and ignoring his wife's pleas to curb his online gambling? Do you feel sorry for the wife as the innocent victim, despite the fact she drove her husband into the arms of his mistress and refused a divorce? Do you write the married couple off as crazy and wish for the mistress to finally find happiness?

All questions that will undoubtedly continue to be debated as more folks see the film.

That and the big question: How do we all know who we really are?

BUTTERFLY DREAMING had its world premiere at the 34th Annual Seattle International Film Festival on May 29. The film will screen again on May 31 at the Harvard Exit Theatre.


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