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Saturday, June 09, 2012

SIFF Sighting: A CHECKOUT GIRL'S BIG ADVENTURES (Romantic Comedy, France)

Solweig (Déborah François) was unable to pursue her dream of being a teacher because her father had an accident that left him in a coma. Faced with the reality that he may never wake up, she takes a job as a checkout girl to support herself and her ten-year-old brother.

To vent her frustrations about how she's treated by her superiors and the customers, she starts an anonymous blog, which becomes nationally known and prompts her employer to conduct a witch hunt to find the writer. Meanwhile, Solweig is busy accidentally falling in love with a stranger who came to her rescue on a cold, snowy night.

In this lighthearted comedy, which is based on a memoir, we experience a slice of life with folks we can't help but know—grocery store clerks. They work hard each day doing the same thing over and over again and frankly aren't treated so well. Toss in the added twist of an ill family member and the responsibility of caring for another and we have a very sympathetic situation.

Our heroine here keeps a chin up despite the drama and keeps us rooting for her in life and love.

Though terribly predictable and formulaic, the characters are very well-drawn (and for the most part, likeable) and the story is a sweet one to witness.

A CHECKOUT GIRL'S BIG ADVENTURES screened at the 38th Annual Seattle International Film Festival.

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